Guide to Being an Online Cam Girl: Making Money with Live Cam Shows

If you are setting out for a journey as a cam girl model, either full-time or as a part-time job, you must first acquire some basic understanding of the role and the industry as a whole. It is such a competitive gig that you will have to surpass thousands of other live cam girls to make a name for yourself and earn some money through web camming.

If that’s what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. Check out our full webcam girls guide, to know where to start and how to make the most out of it.

Requirements for All Cam Girls Out There

Camming online requires you and the camera mainly, as this is the medium that will bring your talent to the world. Nevertheless, don’t grab your smartphone just yet and start filming your sex show. There are a few other bits and pieces that you must also purchase to get started:

A legit high speed WiFi connection is a must, ideally with over 720p streaming potential.
Set up your sex show camming account.
Paypal, personal banking account or any other payment system.
A laptop will probably produce better results than your phone, as long as it processes 720p digital content.
A tripod if you are not using a laptop.

You can still use your mobile device if it meets the aforementioned requirements that are essential for a complete end result.

Five Steps to Turn Yourself into a Professional Cam Girl

Pick the Best Webcam Online Sex Site

Many factors will play into the site that suits your web camming needs best. Your time schedule, monthly salary and the performances that you want to conduct will all depend on this.

As will the audience that will encounter your live sex show. Traffic analytics, background and intent of visitors will point you to the right direction, as these areas must align with your expectations. You wouldn’t get the most out of your webcam show if it is not placed in front of the right eyes. For instance, how will someone who is after a vanilla type of show (see sensual dancing/stripping) appreciate a BDSM sex show? You must determine which site would represent your skills in the best way and offer you the ultimate edge with the audience. Take for example platforms like Chaturbate, who host some a huge viewer-base that all niches get the opportunity to shine.

Webcam Sites Payment Formats

The audience is important, but the way that they can pay for viewing your live sex show also is. As not every platform employs the same formats, with some being better for certain webcam girls but not for others.

NAME M.Earnings (average) Split Model/Site Payouts
Chaturbate $6,000 40%/60% Weekly
StripChat $9,500 50%/50% Weekly
BongaCams $4,200 60-90% Bi-Weekly

⌚ Cost by Minute Site

As the name suggests, such platforms will charge a fixed fee for every minute that their users are watching a live sex show. In most cases, these websites will host cam2cam or private chat rooms, with only one client and the performer. Keep your audience occupied and you will be earning some money for every minute they watch.

⌚ Pay with Token Sites

Alternatively, there are sites that employ tokens for their monetary transactions with clients, as Chaturbate does. This payment system operates identically to tips, with public sex shows that many viewers can watch simultaneously and pay in one of the two following ways: Price list set out by the performer based on the different acts or through a target system, whereby tokens are paid as you reach further steps of your show.

⌚ Combo Sex Show Sites

The last option that you have in your plate is taking the middle road. Some webcam sites, like StripChat, offer cam girls the option to choose amongst token payments and pay per minute charges. This latter type of sites, therefore, also provides more freedom when it comes to the type of shows that you want to conduct, with cam2cam, private and public being amongst the pool.

Registering with a Sex Show Camming Platform

The next step is to build your personal account as a cam girl. Now that you have narrowed down to a single platform, you should sign up as a webcam model by following the required procedure. This should not take over a few minutes to conduct and move to the next step.

What Live Sex Show Style Will You Be Doing?

Based on the platform that you decided to sign up, you must be offered quite a few options of shows that you can engage in. Don’t rush to select one, as you must first carefully consider:

🎀 Your Outlook & Characteristics

Your hair colour, body type, tattoos, facial characteristics and personal style are primary features of the show that you will be conducting. Your body is what counts the most for webcam shows, so you must be completely self-conscious of it and how you can use it to your advantage.
🎀 Monetize on your Fetishes & Kinks

Your content will be viewed by thousands, so you must be able to live it not fake it. If you are not into any kink or fetish, then it is better to stick on what you enjoy and produce such content. Although kinks can pay out more and maintain a loyal audience, engage in those if they express you only.

Alternatively, you could also consider group performances, as these also offer a lot of freedom on the type of show that you could be producing.

Webcam Girl Office

Now, you can start working on the last touches to turn yourself into a proper camgirl. We briefly mentioned the essential things for a camming show, but you must get this right to get things moving in your live channel.

🛢️ Camera

No matter what medium you are employing, laptop, mobile phone or desktop computer, your camera is the number one thing. Your videos must be spot on to the tiniest detail, otherwise you could as well set yourself up for failure.

🛢️ Tripod

If you decided that your favorite medium is your smartphone, then you need a tripod at hand. You cannot work as a cam girl without free hands, while the tripod can get the spotlight into the right places, from the right angles.

🛢️ Microphone

Being sexy, dancing sexy and losing your clothes in a seductive manner is important, but not all that it takes. The microphone, if placed correctly, can enhance the overall experience, offering a full-fledged webcam sex show, equal to being in a live strip club. Your moans, whispers and phrases that you share with your audience must be communicated in the correct volume and tone, and for that, you need a solid USB microphone.

🛢️ Stage

As a web cam girl, you are working from any location and time you fancy, which is great. However, you must always ensure that your stage is set up accordingly. There is no need for a huge room, but it shouldn’t be too tight either. Your stage must be enough to fit you while you are dancing and moving around, without making the viewers feel claustrophobic. However, if you are conducting duo or group performances, you should also change room/stage accordingly. Lastly, depending on the type of live sex show that you will be performing, you need the essentials for nearby. Remove any unnecessary detail from your stage and select a main tool, for example a bed or a chair, that you will be using to dance and strip live.

How to Be a Cam Girl

Okay, you signed up and started performing. Working as a cam girl is relatively easy, if you enjoy it as a job, but it does come with certain things that are quite important.

🛢️ Work Schedule

Firstly, you can truly work whenever and how many hours you fancy. Full-time cam girls tend to work a minimum of four hours per day, with those that are part-time working less days. How many hours you want to work merely depends on your income goals.

Nevertheless, to be successful, you need new views and to also maintain your current fans. To manage that, you must be available roughly the same hours and same time slots per day or week. Alternatively, your audience could as well find another hot web cam model.

🛢️ Making a Living as a Webcam Model

Another major thing to get around is getting paid for your work. This must be settled at an early stage, right when you are setting up your webcam account on a platform. All platforms use their own payment systems, through which they charge the viewers of live sex shows. Then, you can exchange all your accumulated points/tokens to converse them into cash in your personal banking account.

Thus, you must be able to support one of the same payment methods that the platform that you are working in does, while also considering the cut that the website will keep from your accumulated tokens upon withdrawals. The good news is that almost all cam sites support banking transactions, eWallets and some even cryptocurrencies; while the payments are conducted weekly or bi-weekly on the bigger webcam platforms.

🛢️ Privacy Issues

An important area that almost all webcam girls ignore is their privacy. Webcam models tend to consider themselves as untouchable, as they often compare their profession to prostitutes and escorts. Although physical concerns are irrelevant with webcam girls, your personal identity could still be exposed with harassment following right after.

We might make wrong presumptions, but most cam models prefer to keep their personal identity private, while enjoying a lucrative professional life. Unsolicited messages by strangers on your mobile device or app should not be amongst the things you should be dealing as a cam girl, which is why you should always remember the following crucial privacy tips:

Come up with a stage name from the get go, so your real name remains private.
Avoid sharing your location, financial information or other personal details with your viewers online.
Keep your webcam accounts and your personal accounts separate.

Best Webcam Model Sites to Work On

Due to the sheer number of live sex shows and camming girl performances viewers, there is an abundance of sites to cater to both parties. Finding the right platform is the number one step for all web cam models, which is why we decided to list the best three for you. Each has its own unique selling points, so don’t feel that you are choosing wrong indifferently to the one that you sign up for.

🔥 Chaturbate

The best combo site in the world, offering unique opportunities to cam girls when it comes to charging their viewers and planning their webcam shows. The average cam model working on Chaturbate makes $6,000 per month, which indicates the potential for new models that join the site.

In terms of payments, Chaturbate processes all webcam requests every week, while it keeps a cut of 40% from the total funds acquired. If that amount sounds high, then consider that it has a viewership that is near to 350 million per month. Therefore, your earning potential is huge, especially when you think of both charge per minute and tips during your shows as options to make money.

However, sites like Chaturbate already have a huge database of webcam models performing daily, which sets the bar pretty high for aspiring camming girls. Do you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? If you do, then Chaturbate is a great platform to work on.

🔥🔥 Stripchat

Another combo site, Stripchat, offering complete freedom on the way that you perform and how you are charging. You are free to perform in public rooms, private rooms and cam2cam shows, while charging per minute or through tips accordingly.

The cut here is similar or slightly higher than on Chaturbate, as the payment schedule followed. The main difference between the two platforms is that Stripchat has 1/3 of the total number of viewers per month that Chaturbate has. But keep in mind that models here make approximately $10,000 per month, as the audience is more elegant, therefore searching for paid shows rather free ones.

If you think that you can keep a demanding audience entertained, then there is no better place to start off as a cam girl, since Stripchat also boosts the profiles of new models, allows for customized price settings, and methods.

🔥🔥🔥 BongaCams

The last webcam site that has successfully made it to our top webcam platforms list is BongaCams. It is different two the above two, as it is a token site, which means that you will be performing public shows and hope for tips mostly to generate an income. The good news is that the viewership is just a tiny bit lower than Chaturbate, or in other words, huge.

Although one would be quick to assume that models make less money here, the average of $4,000 shows otherwise. The secret of BongaCams? Offering very flexible cut-rates, as low as 10% for the site and 90% for the webcam model.

Even if you choose to sign up with one of the above sites, rather than the token BongaCams platform, you should at least check it out for a quick taste.

Last Thoughts on Working as Webcam Girl

We did really pull up our sleeves and tried to provide you with the most comprehensive starter’s guide to being a cam girl today. The platforms that we listed should be more than enough to meet your expectations and standards, while the equipment tips are not to be taken lightly.

Hopefully you found our steps on starting and being a webcam model useful too! Let us know in the below section, as we want to offer you as much information as possible, to help you get it right!